Risk Management and
Financial Stability
Ensure long-term high-quality care and financial security

A well-run and effective care home must balance quality, financial performance, and risk management to ensure residents’ high-quality, long-term care and the financial security of the business. If there is an imbalance, both the resident and the care home operator are at risk.

Prevention First

From a quality, financial and risk perspective, problems are far more difficult to resolve than they are to prevent.

A CiUK inspection provides the information required for an objective report on the care home and our Risk Management and Financial Stability service offers further assurance for the long term.

Strengthen Risk Management

Our inspections pinpoint areas of concern, seek out non-compliances and deliver objective evidence, strengthening risk management.

A CiUK inspection report provides a valuable management tool enabling the care home or operator to concentrate on areas requiring immediate attention, rather than reacting to general anxiety around what may be faulted by the regulator.


Maximise Value and Improve Long-Term Reputation

Investors, lenders, purchasers and operators need to be able to accurately assess the quality and financial value of care services in an objective and structured way.

Traditionally, determining quality has been achieved by examining the regulator’s ratings and reports.

There are many reasons why this method is of limited value to stakeholders.

  • Performance in care services can change rapidly
  • It can be two or three years between regulator inspection visits
  • ‘Recent’ inspection reports can be outdated and have a devastating result on the value and long-term reputation of the business

CiUK inspections can be arranged at any time to meet the needs of the business and timed to provide the assessment as required. For example, an inspection can form part of a due diligence process on disposal.

Provide Comfort for Stakeholders

Investors and senior management can utilise regular CiUK inspections to provide a longitudinal assessment of how quality is trending. This enables quality focus and can give stakeholders comfort that internal quality and improvement systems remain robust.

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