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Independent Care Inspections (ICI) is a Registered Independent Inspection Body accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Details of the full scope of accreditation can be found here.

As a Registered Independent Inspection Body, ICI undertakes inspections of care homes and issues detailed inspection reports to assist Operators of Care Homes, Care Home Groups, Financiers and Insurers, to achieve a higher level of compliant care, and to identify deficiencies or risks to the care home. ICI is able to assess homes against all English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Ireland Care Home Regulatory and Inspection Standards, and in addition assess Care Home compliance to the British Standard for Adult Residential Care – BS8606:2019.

The comprehensive report that is produced provides authoritative and objective evidence that will support care homes improvement plans by identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying risk factors and the effectiveness of risk management.

The Care Provider, Investor or Insurer may utilise the Inspection report as a method to evidence care excellence and to demonstrate to Regulators and Commissioners that they have achieved a standard that is Independently assessed and validated.

The Inspection report provides reliable information for potential residents and their families when making a placement decision, and may benefit the provider in marketing their care home services.

As a Registered Inspection Body, clients can be assured that ICI is subjected to rigorous assessment of both standards and inspection methods and is continuously assessed to maintain competence as a Registered Inspection Body.

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