Care Home InspectionA true assessment of quality, supporting the continuous
improvement of care homes

A CiUK inspection is designed to support care homes through a process of continuous improvement. Our inspections offer an objective and comprehensive review of all functions of a care home based on evidence, providing a true assessment of quality. We present evidence as a detailed report that details all compliant and non-compliant aspects of the service.

Our inspections assess 10 key areas

  • Quality
  • Health and safety and environment
  • Infection control and cleanliness
  • Safeguarding, consent, dignity and user involvement
  • Individualised care and treatment
  • Nutrition and catering
  • Medication management
  • Management of the service
  • Human resources
  • Marketing and business development

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Using Technology to Improve Quality

At CiUK we have developed an app-based system to gather, record, analyse and report inspection data.

CAREINSPECT® reduces individual interpretations by inspectors, by gathering and presenting accurate and current information that can be used by the care home to improve quality and performance.

Experienced Inspectors

Our inspectors have a wealth of care sector experience and have worked with or alongside regulatory bodies for many years.

With experience of managing care homes or having held significant roles in social care or the NHS, our inspectors have a deep understanding of regulatory compliance and care quality.

Tangible Evidence

Following a CiUK inspection, we will provide a detailed inspection report. Compliant care homes will also be awarded a Care Inspections UK certificate. Together, the report and certificate provide tangible evidence that a care home has reached a high standard of compliance and is committed to continuous quality improvement.

Improved Ratings Guaranteed

For care homes that have been inspected by CiUK, and that act on non-compliances detailed in our report, we guarantee an improvement in regulatory ratings and performance.

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